KAWS Field App

Field inventory tool for the Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams (KAWS) Mill Creek fish passage project

Setting up the data entry form for field work

1. You will need to have a Google Account and the Google Drive app on your tablet. You can find instructions for downloading, installing, and using the Google Drive app Here If you need help with the Google Drive app for Android devices click here

2. The Shared Google Folder at the bottom of this page contains the Google Forms you will use for field data entry. You can find Shared Folders in your Google Drive using these directions

3. There are two Google Forms for the fish passage inventory, one for upstream and one for downstream of the road crossing. Each of these forms will be linked to a photo (only one photo per form). The Google Forms output the information you enter into a Google Spreadsheet (called the Response Spreadsheet). The Google Forms are based on the Road Stream Crossing Inventory from the grant appendix (see folder below). You can view them on this web page below.

4. Now you will need to download a second app which will automatically fill in part of the Google Form for you. Using the AnywhereGIS app along with your Google Form allows you to have your GPS coordinates automatically entered into the Response Spreadsheet. It will also upload one photo per form entry to your Google Drive and provide the photo link in the Response Spreadsheet.

AnywhereGIS from Rockwell Spatial Click Here

This website has YouTubes that will guide you through setting up and using the app. The paid app is $4.99 and allows you to automatically record your Lat/Long but also upload a photo to your Google Drive and it puts the link to the photo in the Google Form's response spreadsheet (the free version does not manage your photos for you). 

5. To get online with your tablet in the field, you will need to tether it to your phone (they are wifi enabled but there will be no wifi at your field site so you will need to go through a cell phone network). If you are unable to get a signal for your phone and have to work offline, you can use the AnywhereGIS app on your tablet to record the GPS coordinates and link the photo to the form, but you will not be able to fill out the rest of the form. You can access the Google Spreadsheet offline for data entry click here for help in working with  Google Drive offline The AnywhereGIS app will upload the GPS data and photos once you are back online, and the Google Sheet that you filled out offline will synch with your Google Drive once you are back online. 

Managing the Response Spreadsheet and creating a Fusion Table

Data Entry Forms can be previewed below

Field Data Form: Upstream Road-Stream Crossing Inventory

Field Data Form: Downstream Road-Stream Crossing Inventory

Google Drive Folder containing the field data entry forms

Files for fish barrier field work