KWEN Mobile Maps

Using Your Phone for GIS: Mobile Mapping Made Easy

Presented by Dr. Cynthia Annett, Brandy Fogg, Diana Restrepo and Lois Stevens

Learn to use your phone or tablet to create Google My Maps and GPS tracks which can be imported into Google Earth, My Maps and GIS. This is a user friendly way to create maps offline with rich media such as photos, videos, notes, points and lines. Participants should bring a phone or tablet (iPhones or iPads are fine, but Android devices will have greater functionality). Wear walking shoes as we'll wander outside to create our maps.

Kansas Women's Environmental Networks meeting Tuesday, July 26th 6:30–8:30 PM

Ecumenical Campus Ministries building (ECM)

1204 Oread, Lawrence, KS 66044

The Challenge

What you will need: A mobile phone (an iPhone will work but with limited functionality, you can do more with an Android phone), a Google Account that you are signed in with on your phone, the Google My Maps app (Android) or Google Maps app (iOS). A GPS tracks app can also be used as long as you can export it as a KML file.

Divide up into three teams (2 sessions, 6 teams total) - Brandy, Diana and Lois will help the teams create waypoints and export your files for the My Maps 

  • You will have 10 minutes to create a series of map points and/or tracks using your phones (descriptions, photos, YouTubes can be included)  
  • Your points will be added to the My Maps below
  • KML files can be imported into ESRI ArcMap if you have GIS software, or visualized using Google geotools (free)

Google My Maps Mobile
My Maps for Android

Google Maps iOS

Google My Maps