Earth Engine

NASA and USGS have made the 40 year record of LandSat imagery publicly available, and Google Earth Engine was created to allow scientists and resource managers to mine this massive warehouse of data to detect changes, map trends and quantify differences on the earth's surface read more. Earth Engine is a geotool that allows you to import specific satellite imagery (select bandwidths, date, location, etc.) from an easily accessible online (free) library and then create comparisons, run analyses, and create maps to use in Maps Engine for styling and sharing.

Earth Engine is currently in limited release and you must apply to become an Earth Engine Beta Tester. However, you can use the Timelapse tool to create your own comparisons, and access layers to investigate deforestation and loss of mangroves, and the results of other projects that have been conducted by partners.

The examples below are from the Timelapse Gallery and are based on time series of Landsat imagery. You can create your own by zooming in on an area of interest and exporting a tour presentation.

Growth of Las Vegas

Amazon Deforestation, Brazil

Wyoming Coal Mining, Western U.S.