Maps Engine

This tool is an advanced mapping platform that allows you to import and style SHP files exported from ESRI ArcMap, KML, and other GIS file formats and embed them as a Google Map in a website, set up an administrator to oversee an organization's mapping products, and other higher level functions. (Note: MyMaps was previously called "Google Maps Engine Lite" and is not to be confused with the Maps Engine platform). Maps Engine stores user data in the cloud, but user can restrict sharing. 

Google Maps Engine is an enterprise product, which means that it is a paid service. However, you can sign up for a trial account  and you can apply for a nonprofit grant.

The map below is a simple demo of creating a map with boundaries (from a SHP file) and points (from a KML file). Click on the EPA Enviromapper ACRES layer in the map below, zoom in to view the site, and see the changes in icon and label formatting with zoom level. The links from the Enviromapper database remain live in the icon balloons, allowing you to link to permit information for each site.

For a more sophisticated example see the Eyes On The Forest Sumatra map click here

Dr. Cynthia Annett,
Dec 3, 2014, 11:47 AM
Dr. Cynthia Annett,
Dec 3, 2014, 11:46 AM