2017 AZ HPC

15th Annual Arizona Historic Preservation Conference Oro Valley in Pima County, Arizona  June 14th-16th, 2017

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Technology at Work - Google It!

This two-part workshop for tribal members, agencies, local governments, and individual consultants is designed to demonstrate the ways mapping and data-based technologies can be adapted for use in historic (cultural) preservation, including building inventories, archaeological and ethnographic survey, and more. The morning session will explore applications for data collection, data management and visualizing data using free Google geotools, and introduce you to the newly developed Government-to-Government Consultation Toolkit (G2G Toolkit), created by non-GIS specialists using these same Google tools.  Stay for the afternoon session and learn how to create and share forms and maps on your phone, tablet or laptop, or brainstorm and continue development of the G2G Toolkit with SHPO and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy for this workshop but if you’re staying for the afternoon session, be sure to bring your laptop, sign up for a Google Account and download Google Earth Pro (it’s free!) before the meeting. A laptop that is wifi enabled is required for the afternoon session and a mobile device (either a smart phone or a tablet that is wifi enabled) is recommended.


Dr. Cynthia Annett and Nasbah Ben Google Earth Outreach Trainers

Contributors: Mary-Ellen Walsh, Angela Garcia-Lewis, Dan Garcia, Jewel Touchin


If you’re not a “Millennial,” it may not be in your nature to pull out your phone and document a building or archaeological site. This workshop shows how some simple tools can be used by everyone so that using such technology for work becomes second nature.


8:00 Introduction of Presenters (Mary-Ellen)

8:10         The G2G Consultation Toolkit (Mary-Ellen, Angela, Dan, Jewel)


  1. Introduction - History of the G2G Consultation Toolkit (35 mins)

  • The Cultural Resources Fund grant  (Mary-Ellen - < 5 mins)
  • 2015 Tribal consultation workshop (Angela - 15 mins)
  • The 2016 Workshop (Dan & Mary-Ellen - 10 mins)
  • Outreach to Tribes (Jewel - 5 mins)

2. Presenting the G2G Toolkit (35 mins)

  • SHPO page (Mary-Ellen - 5 mins
  • Tribal pages (Angela & Jewel - 10 mins)
  • Agencies pages (Mary-Ellen & Dan - 5 mins)
  • Consultation map (Dan - 10 mins)
  • Links to additional resources (Mary-Ellen - 5 mins)
  • Resolving access issues (Dan - 10 mins)


4.  Continued toolkit development (Mary-Ellen & Angela - 10 mins)


9:45 Break

10:00 Google Hangout with Raleigh Seamster from Google Earth Outreach

10:30 Overview of Google Geotools (Cynthia, Nasbah)

11:30 Discussion

12:00 Lunch on your own

1:00         Break Out Sessions

  • Nasbah Ben: How to build a toolkit (My Maps, advanced My Maps)
  • Cynthia Annett: How to collect data and use the toolkit in the field (My Maps, Mobile My Maps)
  • Mary-Ellen, Angela, and Dan: Work sessions for contributors to the toolkit

2:30 Break

2:45 Breakout Sessions, continued

  • Nasbah Ben: How to build a toolkit (Google Drive, Sites)
  • Cynthia Annett: How to collect data and use the toolkit in the field (ODK Forms, Data management)
  • Mary-Ellen, Angela and Dan: Work sessions for contributors to the toolkit

4:30 Discussion

Overview of Google Geotools

Link to Arizona Consultation Toolkit  https://sites.google.com/view/az-consultation-toolkit
Direct Link to Consultation Map here’s another one for the map https://goo.gl/HYF2aG
QR code to access Consultation Map on Mobile Devices 

Create a Google Account

Tools for creating a toolkit
led by Nasbah Ben
Tools for collecting and managing data
led by Cynthia Annett

Response spreadsheet for ODK Mobile Forms Android activity

Dr. Cynthia Annett,
Jun 13, 2017, 4:15 PM
Dr. Cynthia Annett,
Jun 13, 2017, 3:47 PM