AZ HPC Fusion Tables

For today’s session you will need:
  • A laptop computer (not a mobile device, phones and tablets won’t be enough)

  • A Google Account

  • Make sure that you can access Google Drive (some work and school laptops have filters) and make sure that you can add Fusion Tables to your Google Drive - you may have to contact your IT department if you have a work or school laptop.


Activity for today's session:
Here are the Fusion Tables we will be creating in this session - if you get lost while building your own please feel free to go to these Fusion Tables to see what we are doing

We will begin with a Google Spreadsheet of the BIA database providing the contact information for Tribes in the U.S. and use this to create a Fusion Table map

This is the Google Spreadsheet you are importing into your Fusion Table

Copy and paste this link into your Fusion Table import dialog box

You will get a Fusion Table that looks like this

With a little bit of editing you can use your Fusion Table to quickly create mailing labels

Here is an example of the map you will create using Fusion Tables and the BIA Tribal Directory

You can also filter the database and customize your map