IMWC 2017

We will welcome more than 200 community mapping practitioners from across North America to Winnipeg, Manitoba on October 30 to November 2, 2017

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Training materials for all of the Google Sessions (Beginner's and Advanced) CLICK HERE

Teaching materials for my sessions

Managing Data in Google Earth

In this session participants will learn how to import into Google Earth additional types of datasets that will help in understanding your community, such as historical maps, shapefiles, GPS data and raster images. We’ll also discuss making your map more user-friendly with styling. Finally, we’ll discuss methods of sharing your map with others.

Google Earth for storytelling

This session will cover how to tell engaging stories about places of cultural significance using Tour Builder and virtual flyovers and tours in Google Earth, whether your audience is your community, school children, or an official meeting.

ODK Forms to Sheets

This session will cover how to collect geospatial information about the natural world while in the field and sync it to a map, using Android mobile devices and Open Data Kit. Participants will learn how to collect, host and view data, and build and deploy survey forms. This ODK workflow utilizes freely available Google Drive and Sheets for easy hosting.

Fusion Tables

Looking for a tool to better manage and visualize huge spreadsheets of data? In this session, we’ll introduce you to Google Fusion Tables, a tool to help you host, visualize and publish your spreadsheet data as interactive visualizations. You’ll learn how to import and manage your data table in Fusion Tables and then how to create three different types of visualizations: museum cards, maps and graphs.

Timelapse & Earth Engine

Timelapse builds on Earth Engine to show three decades of planetary change, both man-made and natural. In this session, you'll see hot spots of Earth change, learn how to embed Timelapse into HTML materials, and also learn how to author guided tours to highlight particular phenomena on the animated planet. We’ll review other useful datasets built through Earth Engine.