Development Scenarios

In recent years there has been an effort to pull together all of the different interests in the region and develop a consensus on possible future land use planning. The increasing amount of development is impinging water quality and having a negative impact on fisheries and ecosystem health. Here is a list of the participants that participated in one round of discussions on the possible scenarios for Northern Highland Lake District futures; note that not all participants have the same legal standing, and as a result this is not actually a meeting of equals where there should be an equal vote for each interest.

  • Lakeshore owners (residents and out-of-state) have private land interests
  • Lake association representatives have the responsibility to represent the private land interests of their members
  • County board is a local government entity without authority over federally recognized legal rights
  • Realtors have private land interests
  • Media report on issues to public, no legal standing
  • Department of Natural Resources is a state agency, does not regulate federally granted legal rights but does have jurisdiction over other fisheries, forestry, and wildlife management regulations
  • Sportsmen have user rights granted by the purchase of a state license for resources controlled by the state
  • Academics are outside observers with no legal standing
  • Tribes have legal rights to fishery that other members of the public do not; these rights were reserved during treaty negotiations with the federal government; state and local governments do not have jurisdiction over these rights