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Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties.
Vol. II (Treaties) in part. Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler.
Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

1837 Treaty

Bands: Lac du Flambeau, Fond du Lac, St. Croix River, Leech Lake, Mille Lac, Red Lake, Leech Lake, La Ponte, Gull Lake, Swan River, Sandy Lake, Snake River


The privilege of hunting, fishing, and gathering the wild rice, upon the lands, the rivers and the lakes included in the territory ceded, is guarantied to the Indians, during the pleasure of the President of the United States.

1842 Treaty

Lac du Flambeau, Crow wing River, Sandy Lake, Gull Lake, Red Ceder Lake, Po ke gom maw, Wisconsin River, Lake Bands, Fon du Lac, La Pointe, Onlonagan, Ance, Vieux Desert, Mille Lac, St. Croix, Snake River, Chippewa River, Lac Courtulle

The Indians stipulate for the right of hunting on the ceded territory, with the other usual privileges of occupancy, until required to remove by the President of the United States, and that the laws of the United

1854 Treaty

Bands: Lac du Flambeau, Bois Forte, Lac Court Oreille, La Pointe, Ontonago, Mississippi, L'Anse, Vieux De Sert, Grand Portage, Fond du Lac


All annuity payments to the Chippewas of Lake Superior, shall hereafter be made at L'Anse, La Pointe, Grand Portage, and on the St. Louis River; and the Indians shall not be required to remove from the homes hereby set apart for them. And such of them as reside in the territory hereby ceded, shall have the right to hunt and fish therein, until otherwise ordered by the President.