Predation: Behavioral Ecology

Paper for discussion

Huveneers, Charlie, Holman, Dirk, Robbins, Rachel, Fox, Andrew, Endler, John A. and Taylor, Alex H. 2015, White sharks exploit the sun during predatory approaches, American naturalist, vol. 185, no. 4, pp. 562‐570.

Questions to consider
  • What are the difficulties faced by predators searching for and attacking prey in the open ocean?
  • What are possible ways in which the predators can make themselves harder to see?
  • What are the tactics used by sharks to make it easier to see their prey?
  • How does this differ from predators who hunt fish in waters along the shore? (hint: where the light environment is different, where there is more physical structure) 
  • What can we learn about evolution by watching how predators hunt?


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