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Virtual Watershed

Developed with Nasbah Ben

Ever wonder who lives in your stream? 

Can you tell their story?
Where do the live?
How do they spend their day?
What do they eat? Or if they are plants, do they need anything to make their food?

Avatar Gallery

Here are some avatars that you can use to tell the story of who lives in your stream. 


Water Potato 


Avatars to the left are created 
with Adobe Illustrator and those
to the right were created with
Goole Drawing.
Common Raccoon
Canadian Goose

Make a map and tell their story

Use the directions in the slideshow below to put the avatars on your map. 
Then you can write a story about them and make it into a Powerpoint slideshow.
Tell us which animal or plant you would like to be. Why?

Now you can put your avatars in the right places-- places where they'd like to live.
Make sure that they have all the things they might need like water, shelter, food, sunlight, stuff like that.

Here is an example of a crayfish in a creek. Click on the crayfish to read its story.

View Avatar Map in a larger map

This animation was created using the Scratch programming language click here