Working With Google Maps and Spreadsheets

Workshop description: ATOMS, funded by MSP (NIH grantee), was held at KCKCC the week of June 11. About 20 middle and high School math and science teachers participated. The primary focus for the week was building content and applications of math and science as well as developing student “thinking skills” using hands on activities and investigations. There was emphasis building technology applications such as Google Earth and on locating standards related “large data sets” and how these can be visualized and manipulated. Sessions on Google Earth and Data Sets were presented by Dr. Cynthia Annett and Ron Hall. Participants participated in “data discussions” to model how to extend an activity into a way for students to deepen their understanding of the content and skills applied in the activity along with clarifying any misconceptions. 

We were asked to use as a starting point for our activities: Generating Arguments About Climate Change by Barry Golden, Jonathon Grooms, Victor Sampson, and Robin Oliveri. Science Scope, Mar 12. In this activity, "Students participate in a unit on global climate change by engaging in the process of scientific argumentation. The lessons presented in this article were created using the generate-an-argument model to help students understand climate change science." 

Photos: Ron Hall (on screen) demonstrating the use of Fusion Tables for managing databases on Day 2 of the workshop. Ron joined us via Google+ Hangouts from Spokane, Washington.